Mar Sargis Choir Hymns

Recording Location: 1850 W Cuyler Ave., Chicago, IL, USA

Recording Date:  March 21, 2021

Vocals: Choir

Instruments: Piano/Organ

Each audio track is presented in chronological order per the sequence of the Assyrian mass. Tracks are composed of each separate hymnal sang by the choir for the duration of the mass.

Chamoun Lazar

Recording Location: Skokie, IL, USA

Recording Date: March 2021

Vocals: Chamoun Lazar

Instruments: Oud

Chamoun's tracks are original compositions. They were performed for a small group at a local residence during production of IRP's Sights and Sounds of the Assyrian Diaspora

Header Imager: Pumapungo ruins remain from an Incan city built in the late 15th century. This site is widely known as the largest Incan site south of Ingapirca.

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