Impact Model

Tier 1

Audience Reached

Rationale: Countless indigenous groups are marginalized into silence and therefore often lack even acknowledgement by the international community of their existence or their sociopolitical challenges. Documenting the oral histories of those who are able and wish to share provides an archival service for indigenous communities but also serves to educate others about the challenges as well as the flourishing culture still thriving in these ancient societies.

Tier 2

Financial Revenue for Films and Albums

Rationale: The application of these earnings will be entirely determined by the community served. This agreement will be shaped during the contractual stages of project development with IRP consultation if requested.

Tier 3

Direct-to-Community Investors 

Header Image: Laguna Humuntay and Montaña Wamantay are sacred geographic features for the Quechua speakers of the Vilcabamba Mountain Range of Peru.