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Community & Narrator Partnerships

Bridges with individuals and communities are built by networking with community leaders and local organizations or museums. Communities choosing to participate in a project will be offered IRP’s services as a means of empowering their communities and preserving their traditions.

Thorough, open communication with narrators and community leaders before, during, and after project completion enables a narrator-centered approach that prioritizes the storyteller and their community's needs.  

Organizational Partnerships

Indigenous Roots Productions believes that communal efforts make an exponentially greater impact due to the connections inherent in partnerships as well as the merging of multiple resources and knowledge-bases. Each project requires the endorsement of local organizations with the understanding that these community organizations are most knowledgeable of community culture and often most informed of community needs.

Production Partnerships

Each project requires extensive research, tasks, and skills for pre-production, production, and post-production. IRP welcomes partnerships with skilled individuals and companies who understand and aim to support IRP's mission and vision. 

Crew - Videographers, Photographers, Audio Engineers, and other relevant skillsets in IRP working regions are encouraged to reach out if interested in supporting a project.  See Our Current Projects Page

Professional Services - Third party service providers may be enlisted on some projects for the improvement of quality in production and post-production. These services can include transportation, translation, assistance in sound mastering and other audiovisual techniques. 

Header Image: The Pueblo mastered environmental architecture like the Square Tower House built around 1100 C.E.