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Indigenous Roots Productions (IRP) empowers indigenous communities engaging in cultural expression through oral history filmmaking and folkloric music production.


IRP seeks to build a diverse indigenous archive supported by consistent research methodology providing evidence for local, regional, and global patterns impacting indigenous peoples.


Current Project: Watering Seeds in México

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Oral History

A narrator-centered process of gathering the personal, in-depth historical accounts of individuals and communities. Stories are heard directly from narrators and presented with respect to their community’s values and point of view. 


The Urubamba valley has been home to various indigenous groups, a significant portion of whom speak Quechua - the language of the Inca.

Darbuka is a form of drum used by many indigenous groups throughout the Middle East including Assyrians and Beduins.

Folkloric Music

Folk music embodies the sound and history of indigenous groups around the world. The lyrics often tell stories of ancestors while the instruments' materials signify peoples' connection to their land.

Oral History Association

Partner Member

IRP is a proud Partner Member of the OHA. We encourage all independent practitioners and organizations to review the Association's Resources to assist with methods and ethics when carrying out Oral History Research. Click the OHA Logo to learn more!

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Land Acknowledgement

IRP acknowledges its home state of Arkansas (US) as the original land of the Caddo, Osage, and Quapaw. These nations - along with others like the Cherokee and Choctaw - were forcefully displaced from their homelands initiating centuries of marginalization and tragedy. Click each nation's name to learn more about how Arkansas' First Peoples survive and thrive today in spite of these injustices!

Indigenous Roots Productions is a not-for-profit organization exempt under IRC Section 501(c)3 founded in Little Rock, AR (Summer 2023)

EIN: 93-2407995

All website photos taken by Samuel Tamo on travels prior to and since the establishment of IRP.

Header Image: Laguna Humuntay has been a sacred laguna of the Quechua people (often referred to as the Inca) for more than a millennium. Accessing the lake is meant to be reserved for sacred cleansing of Quechua shaman.